Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How should I use the WEIKANG TCM SDST Spray ("the Spray")?
A: Shake the Spray well (for about 10 seconds) and apply it to the surface of the target object from about 50 cm apart.
Wipe the surface of the object with a dry towel after 30 minutes.


Q: Is there anything I should pay attention to before applying the Spray?
A: You are advised to wipe dust off the surface of the object to avoid the coating from adhering merely to the dust,
for this may weaken the protection.


Q: What kinds of objects is the Spray applicable to?
A: The Spray is applicable to almost everything, including toys, handbags, coats,
household products, digital appliances, etc.


Q: Will traditional chemical cleaning products destroy or affect the SDST coatings?
A: No. After applying the Spray, you can do the cleaning as usual.


Q: Does the Spray contain alcohol? Is it toxic?
A: The Spray is alcohol-free, non-toxic and easy to carry.
It is as safe as vitamin C and safe for infants, pregnant women and pets.
The Spray is certified by testing authorities in China, the United States and Germany.


Q: Does the Spray have a pungent smell?
A: No. The Spray is an eco-friendly, odourless product.


Q: Apart from the Spray, is there any SD PRO household spray available for sale?
A: Thank you for your support, yet the SD PRO spray is not available for retail at the moment.
It is used only in our professional disinfection services,
and you are welcome to contact us to get more information.
You may also discover our latest news on our official website.