Fire.Stop - Install Instructions

Apply industrial adhesive to the interior, 
top and side of the equipment to be protected


Installation Step

< 1 >
Firstly, identify the corresponding model, take out the product, 
and then inspect whether the temperature detection line has fallen off or broken, 
and whether the product structure is intact. 
Only after the product is qualified can it be used.

< 2 >
Remove the fire extinguisher or micro fire extinguishing module 
(with double-sided adhesive inside) 
from the packaging bag and check if the product is damaged. 
After tearing off the double-sided adhesive tape, 
it is important to distinguish between the front and back of the product, 
with labeled paper on the front and unlabeled paper on the back. 
Then, apply the double-sided adhesive tape to the back of the product and press firmly. 
Paste  double-sided film onto the non vent surface of the product, press firmly and firmly.

< 3 >
After the double-sided adhesive is pasted, 
observe the cabinet body that needs to be installed and choose to 
paste the product above the easily ignited point. 
Before pasting, it is necessary to clean the pasting position to prevent oil stains, water stains, etc. 
After pasting, press firmly and fix the temperature detection line. 
It can provide constant protection and automatically monitor fires.    

< 4 >
After the product installation is completed, 
it is also necessary to fix the temperature detection line, 
which can be tied to the cable or fixed on the side of the box. 
After completion, close the cabinet door. 
Maintain a relatively enclosed protective space.