SDS - Products Description

SDS products are environmentally friendly, non-flammable and have very low toxicity.
SDST have a 0.0 (Least) HMIS hazard rating with regard to health and reactivity dangers.

SDST products eliminate the need for potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.
Unlike chemical cleaners, and metal- or triclosan-based treatments,
SD LabsTM proprietary silane treatment is non-leaching and non-sacrificial.
In sacrificial technologies,
the active chemical agents lose part of their molecular structure in the destruction of targeted organisms,
sometimes releasing harmful by-products into the environment and into our bodies.
In the case of non-sacrificial technologies (such as silane),
the process does not require the active ingredient to be compromised and leaching does not occur.
And because the target organism does not metabolize SDST products,
microbes are unlikely to develop resistance compared to other antimicrobials with different modes of action.

One simple spray of SDS long-lasting disinfectant is enough to get SD nanospikes attached
to the surface of the object and standing there for a long time.
The nanospikes stick through the membranous envelopes of viruses,
causing the RNA inside to leak out and thus the viruses to die.
As the SD nanospikes have slight positive charges,
the slightly negatively charged viruses floating in the air will also be attracted
to them by the Coulomb force and get pierced through.
In this way, the viruses are killed.

Our spray forms a nanomolecular antibacterial coating on the surfaces of objects,
which inhibits indirect viral infection.
With a disinfection rate as high as 99.99%, our spray kills viruses and bacteria for 90-180 days.

It can be widely applied to the surface of different objects in various locations, such as airports, railways, banks,
hospitals, schools, offices, recreational premises, pet shops, interiors of vehicles and homes.

SDST / SD PRO, with the long-lasting and innovative disinfection technology,
significantly secures people’s safety and health no matter they are travelling, working or staying at home.