SDS - Commercial Customer



1. Mobile cabin hospitals in Wuhan
2. West China Second Hospital
3. Chongqing Daping Hospital
4. Sichuan Provincial Hospital for Women and Children
5. The First Affiliated Hospital of Army Medical University (Chongqing Southwest Hospital)
6. Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University
7. Xi'an Gaoxin Hospital
8. Zhaobangji Finance Building
9. Shenzhen Baoan International Airport
10. The Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen

11. Shenzhen Museum
12. Shenzhen Charity Rehabilitation Center
13. Shenzhen Renshan Rehabilitation Center
14. Social Innovation Space in Luohu District, Shenzhen
15. Shenzhen Zhonglong Food Factory
16. Shenzhen Ping An Technology Building
17. Shenzhenair International Hotel





1. Singapore Changi Airport Yale-NUS College

2. National University of Singapore (Department of Microbiology and Department of Physiology)
3. National Technical University
4. The Institute of Technical Education
5. 3M Singapore
6. Singapore General Hospital
7. Singapore National Kidney Foundation








1. Covington County Hospital
2. Covington County Nursing Center
3. Highland Community Hospital
4. Bedford Care Center
5. Hadsburg Health and rehabilitation center
6. Cook County Sheriff's Department
7. New York University Langone Health
8. IN Franciscan Surgery Center
9. St. Elizabeth Medical health centre
10. Seven dental clinics (ismile)
11. Hospital cleaning system

12. Gulf Coast Medical Center
13. Trident Medical Center
14. St. Petersburg General Hospital, Florida
15. Assisted Living Facilities in New Jersey
16. Medical System in Westchester County, New York
17. Assisted Living Facilities in Brandy
18. Yale New Haven Health System
19. Stanford University
20. Columbia University/Nowell Health System
21. Lenox Hill Hospital
22. Health Care Services Group – Discussing the applications in 6000 assisted living facilities