Fire.Stop - Products Description

Our company, T-Work Consultants Ltd.
Focus on the agency and sales of automatic fire extinguishing materials and application products.
The smart micro fire extinguishing products and control systems developed by Fire。Stop have become the pioneers of current micro space fire extinguishing technology.

Leading the industry with advanced fire extinguishing technology and professional application knowledge,

Respect for "quick start, precise fire extinguishing, intelligent IoT, safety and environmental protection"
International cutting-edge fire protection technology theory.
It is a special fire extinguishing technology for small space industrial fields with the best comprehensive performance.
It can be customized and developed for customers’ specific environments and scenarios.
Products and systems have been widely used in electric power, petroleum, petrochemicals, communications, municipal administration,
Railways, subways, wind power, mines, coal, power plants, ports,
Steel, chemical industry, metallurgy, transportation and other fields.