Disinfection Services for Residential

SDST disinfection service for three months' protection



Before providing the service,
we first listen to you to understand your needs and requirements,
so that we can design a service plan that suits you the best.

Disinfection treatment

Our professionally trained staff use Victory Innovations high-pressure
electrostatic backpack sprayers to apply SDST Disinfectant
to every corner of your house to provide high-quality, long-term protection.

Quality assurance

We conduct VOC/formaldehyde tests both before and after the disinfection treatment,
and the data will tell you the effectiveness of our disinfection service.

Points to note for disinfection service

Before disinfection,
please wipe dust off the surfaces of objects to avoid coatings from being attached merely to the dust,
for this may weaken the protection.
After disinfection, it is normal to find spray droplets staying on the surfaces of objects.
You may switch on air-conditioners to shorten the drying time,
or wipe the extra disinfectant off with a clean towel 30 minutes after the treatment.

Please feel free to contact us for further details:

Service Hotline:852-3484 3896
Email: twc.cs01@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 852-5404 8572


Sample of Our Service - Residential Premises

Disinfection and protection treatment