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330ML Wireless Nano Sprayer

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◆ Three spray distances are specially designed for use in different scenarios.
◆ The nozzle can be adjusted to fit different objects for disinfection.
◆ Automatic induction spray as instant disinfection at home,
    convenient and fast.

Use with SDST long-Lasting antimicrobial spray,
SD nanospikes attached to the surface of any object and standing on 
it persistently to form a molecular coating. 
The nanospikes stick through the membranous envelopes of viruses, 
causing the RNA inside to leak out and thus the viruses to die. 
As the SD nanospikes have slight positive charges, 
the slightly negatively charged viruses floating in the air will also be 
attracted to them by the Coulomb force and get pierced through. 
In this way, the viruses, bacteria and microbes are killed.


◆ Rapid disinfection: it kills 99.99% bacteria in seconds.


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